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black Aluminum Top Hanging Swing Open Windows Good Air Tightness

Brand Name KLUK
Certification ISO9001:2016;ISO14001:2016
Model Number KTD35
Minimum Order Quantity 300 square meters
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Pearl cotton, foam cotton, plywood paper, film, wooden box
Delivery Time 25-30 days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, D/P
Supply Ability 30000 square meters

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Product Details
Frame Materials Aluminum Alloy Thickness 0.8-1.2mm Aluminium Top Hanging Windows
Color Black Hardware Handle,lock,hinge,screw,load,latch,pulley,etc
Opening Pattern Horizental Top Hanging Model KTD35
High Light

6063 Aluminum Swing open Windows


Crimsafe Mesh Swing open Windows

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Product Description
KHL70A Series Aluminium Down Swing Hanging Windows White Powder Coated Color Tempered Glass




Features of Narrow Edge Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows:

(1) Light weight and high strength. Because the section of the door and window frame is an open web thin-wall composite section, this section is conducive to use and reduces the quality of aluminum alloy profiles due to open web. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are about 50% lighter than steel doors and windows. In the case of large section size and light weight, its section has higher bending stiffness.
(2) Good sealing performance. Airtightness is an important performance index of doors and windows. Compared with ordinary wood doors and steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows have better air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation performance. For the aluminum alloy doors and windows, the airtightness of the sliding doors and windows is slightly worse than that of the side hung doors and windows. Therefore, nylon wool strips are added to the structure of the sliding doors and windows to enhance their airtightness.
(3) The deformation is small in use. One is the good rigidity of the profile itself, and the other is the cold connection used in the manufacturing process. Screws, bolts or aluminum nails are used for the installation of horizontal and vertical members and hardware fittings, which are installed through the angle
Aluminum or other types of connectors, so that the frame, fan bar connected as a whole. Compared with the electric welding connection of steel doors and windows, this kind of cold connection can avoid the deformation caused by uneven heating in the welding process, so as to ensure the precision of production
(4) The facade is beautiful. First, it has beautiful shape and large area of doors and windows, which makes the facade effect of the building simple and bright, and increases the contrast between the virtual and the real, full of sense of hierarchy; Second, the color is beautiful. The door and window frames are oxidized and colored, and can have silver white, golden yellow, bronze, bronze, yellow black and other colors or colored patterns. The appearance is gorgeous and elegant, and there is no need to paint or repair the surface.
(5) Corrosion resistant, easy to use and maintain. Aluminum alloy doors and windows do not need painting, do not fade, do not fall off, the surface does not need maintenance. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have high strength, good rigidity, durability, light and flexible opening and closing, and no noise.
(6) The construction speed is fast. The workload of aluminum alloy doors and windows on site installation is small and the construction speed is fast.
(7) High use value. In Building Decoration Engineering, especially for high-rise buildings and high-grade decoration engineering, if the decoration effect, air conditioning operation and maintenance are comprehensively weighed, the use value of aluminum alloy doors and windows is better than other types of doors and windows.
(8) It is convenient for industrial production. The processing of aluminum alloy door and window frame material, the production of supporting parts and seals, and the assembly test of doors and windows can be industrialized in large quantities in the factory, which is conducive to the standardization of door and window design, the serialization of products, the generalization of spare parts, and the commercialization of door and window products.
Aluminum alloy doors and windows are suitable for doors and windows engineering of modern high-grade buildings, such as hotels, halls, gymnasiums, cinemas, libraries, scientific research buildings, office buildings, computer rooms and civil residences, which are required by airtight, thermal insulation and sound insulation.


Aluminium Down Swing Hanging Windows:


Swing Hanging window refers to the hinge mounted on the upper side of the window, which opens inward or outward. Hanging window is a kind of aluminum alloy and plastic steel window that appeared later. It is a new form developed on the basis of casement windows. It can be opened in two ways, either horizontally or from the top. When the casement window is closed, pull the upper part of the window inward to open a gap of about 10 cm, that is to say, the window can be opened a little from the top, the open part is suspended in the air, and is connected and fixed with the window frame through hinges, so it is called hanging type. It has the advantages of both ventilation and safety. Because of the hinge, the window can only be opened 10 cm, and the hand can not reach in from the outside. It is especially suitable for use when there is no one at home. Recently, this kind of function has not only been limited to the flat window, but also the sliding window can be suspended to open.Aluminium Down Swing Hanging Windows

The layout of windows should pay attention to the following points:
(1) When the windowsill height is less than 800mm (residential building windowsill height is less than 900mm), there must be protective facilities when there is no balcony or platform outside the window.Aluminium Down Swing Hanging Windows
(2) Waterproof measures should be taken for the outer window sill, and the gaps between the window frame and the window sash, and between the window sash and the window sash should be handled well. Meanwhile, the inner sill should be 15mm higher than the outer sill.
(3) The opening form of windows should be convenient to use, safe and easy to clean. The windows on the ground floor shall be provided with protective measures, and the bottom height of the window sash opening to the public corridor shall not be less than 2m.


black Aluminum Top Hanging Swing Open Windows Good Air Tightness 0

black Aluminum Top Hanging Swing Open Windows Good Air Tightness 1

Performance Parameter National Standard
Wind Load Resistance 4.0<=p3>=4.5 level 7
Air Tightness q1<=0.5 level 8
Water Tightness 250<=△p>=350 level 6
Thermal Insulation 2.5<=k<=3.0 level 5
Sound Insulation 30=<Rw+Ctr<35 level 3


black Aluminum Top Hanging Swing Open Windows Good Air Tightness 2

Name/Model: Narrow Frame Aluminum Top Hanging Swing Window Good Air Tightness
Profiles: 6063-T5 high quality aluminium extrusion profiles
Glass Choice: Low-e; relective;Frosted; tinted; clear tempered glazing
Glass Choice: 5mm; 6mm,12mm single tempered glazing
5+12A+5mm; 5+27A+5mm; 6+12A+6mm double glass
5+6A+5+6A+5mm triple glass
5+0.76+5mm;6+2.28+6mm Laminated
other glass type you need
Color: matt black;white;ultra silver;clear anodized;nature clean aluminium
Any color available
Customized (matt black;white;ultra silver;clear anodized;nature clean aluminium)
white or other color

Hardware :

China Top brand: MACO

Frame Surface Finish: Powder coated meet AS 3715; Electrophoresis; flucarbon; Anodizing;
Flyscreen: Stainless steel security mesh; Aluminium security mesh; Fiberglass flys
Guarantee : Years
Security: Crimsafe mesh ; Grille available
Application: Building(office/hotel/apartment)


black Aluminum Top Hanging Swing Open Windows Good Air Tightness 3


black Aluminum Top Hanging Swing Open Windows Good Air Tightness 4 
black Aluminum Top Hanging Swing Open Windows Good Air Tightness 5


black Aluminum Top Hanging Swing Open Windows Good Air Tightness 6