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January 21, 2021
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What is KLUK window&door system

January 13, 2020


Why China advocate system doors and Windows?

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From the beginning of modern building doors and Windows industry in 80’s development, It has experienced nearly 30 years of market baptism and evolution. Poor performance of the doors and Windows alwaysconnected with Chinese market. Upgrading of Chinese doors and Windows technology is slow, doors and windows become the Chinese huge building consumption, it also be energy-saving in the future!


"Low carbon" is the theme of the world climate conference in Copenhagen at the end of 2009, countries launched their own energy conservation and emissions reduction targets at the meeting, China's commitment to the 2020 unit of gross domestic product (GDP) of carbon dioxide emissions 40% to 45% lower than in 2005, and as a binding forces into the national economic and social development in the medium to long term planning. This means that our country must in all areas of the economy of the society to take concrete measures to conserve energy, to achieve the scheduled target. At this moment, building energy consumption has accounted for 40% of the total social energy consumption in China; Doors and Windows and accounts for 45% ~ 50% of building energy consumption, energy consumption accounts for 15% ~ 20% of total energy consumption society. Visible door and window is the main reason that causes building energy loss, the renewal of building energy saving door and window will be the general trend.


what is window&door system


Most people are of the opinion that purchase high quality doors and Windows, People focus on some part of doors and windows such as the quality of the aluminum, glass, accessories, and some professional performance requirements for windows and doors. don't understand some professional performance requirements of doors and windows at all, Why paid more to product quality, price and other factors. In the initial consumer ideology, high-quality doors and windows are equivalent to high-performance doors and windows.

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As the ceaseless rise of quality of life, people had clear requirement to residential quality and performance, the energy-saving performance of doors and windows, safety performance, sound insulation and noise reduction, bask, comfort, durability are taken seriously. Besides paying attention to the obvious place of doors and windows such as aluminum material, glass and fittings when buying building doors and Windows products, pay more attention to the realization of a comprehensive performance after components of these doors and windows are combined relatively.


Real system doors and Windows is a perfect organic combination of performance system, it need to consider water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, shading, weather resistance, operation feel and a series of important functions, but also consider equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, adhesives, sealing parts of the performance of the comprehensive results, it can not be missing, the final formation of high-performance system doors and Windows.


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At present building materials market, the use of high-grade broken bridge profile aluminum doors and Windows, has gradually become the first choice of many high-grade building Windows. But the expert points out at the same time, quality of product of aluminum alloy door window on current market is uneven, caution must distinguish when the choose and buy. Inferior aluminum alloy doors and Windows, blind selection of aluminum profile series and specifications, processing shoddy, to saw cutting instead of milling processing, do not install according to the requirements, poor sealing performance, switch is not free, not only leakage and glass burst phenomenon, but also encountered strong winds and external forces, easy to push and pull part or glass scraping off or touch down, dangerous to people. Aluminum used in the high quality aluminum alloy doors and Windows, ply, intensity and oxidation film, should comply with the relevant standards of the provisions of the state, the wall thickness should be in 1.2 millimeter above, tensile strength of millimeter of every square metre 157 Newton, succumb intensity should achieve every square millimeter 108 Newton, oxidation film ply should achieve 10 micron. If not reach above standard, it is inferior aluminum alloy door window, cannot be use.


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Energy-saving advantages of system doors and windows

1, doors and Windows system to create a healthy and comfortable home environment, to protect the health of residents;

2, protect the building structure and decoration structure from the air naturally occurring condensate water or rain damage;

3, reduce the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning;

4. Reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Are window and door system expensive?

1, More and more doors and Windows system recognized by the market, the market gradually expanding its comprehensive cost less and less. Better system of windows and doors on the market in this society, the price about 1000 CNY/square meters, the prices are more expensive than the common door window with high quality only roughly around 200 CNY per square meter, first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai the prices are 1 ~ 30000 CNY per square meter, second-tier cities for 3000 ~ 10000 CNY, if the new buildings will be replaced ordinary doors and Windows for high performance system,it will increase 100 ~ 300 CNY per square meter. Windows system higher than ordinary Windows is expensive, However, the cost per square meter of housing price is still very limited, in order to quickly sell residential products, many real estate developers are fully able to bear this premium.

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2, Doors and Windows as building overall function of an important part of, it will benefit more and more get the attention of the real estate, improve the performance of the doors and Windows, using a high performance system of Windows and doors will be real estate developers sell residential products one of the important selling point.


Examples of system door and window energy saving

Example: 100 square meters of two rooms and one living room, the window area of about 30 square meters. The insulation performance of the system doors and Windows is better than that of ordinary doors and Windows. Let's calculate the relevant data:


1. Open air conditioning with ordinary doors and Windows every day, and the power consumption is 30°.


2. Turn on air conditioning every day with system doors and Windows, and the power consumption is 25°.


3. The electricity fee is calculated at 1 yuan/hour. System window 1200 yuan/square meter, ordinary doors and Windows 800 yuan/square meter.


Annual cost savings of opening air conditioning :(30°-25°) *365*1=1825 yuan.


Door and window cost difference: system door and window cost - common door and window cost = 30* 1200-30 *800 =12000 yuan.


From this, 12000÷1825≈6.5 years is calculated!


The general design term of the building residence is 70 years. We can recover the cost beyond the building Windows in only 6 years. The system doors and Windows make the building energy efficient for 64 years!

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KLUK system doors and Windows, the world's leading high quality system doors and Windows service providers


KLUK: Doors and Windows system follow the "science and technology, innovation, high quality", Comprehensive penetration in product research and development, product design, production and manufacturing with other links, as a guide, the design of high quality products with good user experience, quality to win, occupy the market high ground!latest company news about KLUK Cyclopedia  6