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March 17, 2023

KLUK&OPEC | Strategic Cooperation



The Kluk minimalist series of perfect system aluminum profiles have received feedback from multiple cooperating distributors: The porcelain extinction electrophoresis aluminum profiles have a very delicate surface, high gloss, and overall are very high-end! This is due to the high-end ceramic swimming [surface] treatment process used.


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With the continuous changes in the main structure of consumption, the current consumer groups are inclined to the home decoration style of minimalist and light luxury systems. Therefore, in line with the new trend of the market, Konuk Aluminum has created a more healthy and environmentally friendly, more durable and durable door and window perfect system aluminum profile with matting technology and excellent performance - porcelain extinction electrophoresis [surface] treatment process.


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The 40 series system is equipped with buffered, load-bearing, push-pull, and strictly selected high-quality primary aluminum. After 2-3 times of sandblasting treatment, a higher quality electrophoretic paint is used, and a protective layer is added to the surface of aluminum alloy profiles. This avoids the surface problems that are extremely prone to occur with uneven mechanical lines, different shades of color, and bright but often particle spots, such as ordinary electrophoretic aluminum profiles. It presents a delicate and smooth product appearance with a full and uniform color, and a soft texture like ceramic.


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The 40 system is equipped with a buffer and a load-bearing push pull mechanism, which is not only excellent in appearance, but also has a self-cleaning function against oil contamination. The thickness of the aluminum profile coating film produced meets national standards, with strong adhesion, high hardness, wear resistance, and long service life. Dust and stains do not easily adhere to the surface, are resistant to corrosion, moisture, and leave no traces, and are easy to handle and maintain in the later stage.


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Kluk Minimalist Series Perfect System Aluminum Profile - Door Cover Line, which focuses on surface color and outdoor weather resistance for 30 years, greatly reduces the damage of materials to corrosivity. The surface of the door cover line is exquisite and soft, green and environmentally friendly, reducing indoor light pollution, and protecting the health of families.



Kluk's minimalist and perfect system, with its 40 and 45 systems, is the perfect choice for the new home consumption trend, fully demonstrating the restrained and noble nature of the champion, Wujin, and highlighting its unique taste and style. Whether it is a modern and simple, French pastoral, simple European, or new Chinese style home style, it can be deployed and neutralized, allowing the entire space to add a touch of flexibility in a simple atmosphere.


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